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We offer staged payments for those who can't afford to buy a nihonto outright. See our Terms of Business for details. We also have a 14 day returns policy on all items, starting from the moment that you recieve the goods. This is twice as long as is required by law.

Though we no longer stock Hanwei swords, we can get hold of them if asked; we recently supplied a customer with an Oni katana, which is otherwise almost unavailable in the UK.

We aim to make this the best site on the web for anything to do with Japanese swords. We sell the best quality sword supplies, including urushi and samekawa, and the best reproduction sword fittings available. You will not find any cheap imitations here that will wear out in next to no time flat. If a tsuka-ito or sageo says 'silk', then you can take it that it is top quality Japanese silk woven in Japan according to traditional patterns specifically for use with swords or armour, not a cheaper alternative. If it says 'silver', then it is silver of a quality that, by UK law, should be hallmarked in the UK.

We are prepared to ship swords anywhere and have legally delivered to most countries. If you are interested in buying a sword but can't find the one you want here, or are unsure of exactly what you want, contact me and let me know your budget. If you want to be on my mailing list and get first refusal on new swords, click the link on the menu to the left. If you want a sword made for you, ask. If you want a sword for martial arts, talk to us. Finally, if you can't afford the sword you want in one go, we accept part payments (see Terms & Conditions).

Alternatively, if you need antique fittings and don't see what you want, ask and we'll see if we can find them for you. If you want unique modern tosogu, we can commission a set. If you need a sword restored, whether it is polishing or repairs to the urushi, we can do the work to museum quality. We work with some of the best craftsmen available; some are Japanese-trained and do museum restorations, whilst others have had their work exhibited in Japanese museums .

There are some jobs are almost impossible to get done outside Japan. Some jobs are very expensive if you have to go to Japan. Some jobs are hard to get done to the same high standard outside Japan.

We can do them. Just click on here to see what we can do.

And if there is anything that we haven't covered, just ask. We have an extensive network of contacts and would be only too glad to enquire for you. We've had sageo woven to a customer's requirements before now. If you want to visit, let me know and we'll put the kettle on in time for your arrival. That includes anyone interested in our Ebay sales. The internet is a very convenient medium for buying and selling, but it is always nice for customers to have the opportunity, if they wish, to meet the person that they are dealing with at a real address and view the actual item they are interested in.

Finally, and for the benefit of UK customers, every sword here is exempt from the ban on ‘samurai swords’. This ban excludes antiques, genuine Japanese swords made after 1954, swords used for re-enactment, swords used by bona fide martial artists, swords intended for educational or religious purposes, or swords made by 'traditional means'. In effect, this means that the only swords that are banned are wallhangers. Again for the benefit of UK customers, you have to be over 18 to buy any of the swords on this site.

All photographs are © Kevin Jones 2010 where copyright is not held by other individuals.

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