Ryujin Swords

NCO katana mounted for martial arts

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Period: Showa.

Mei: Not applicable.

Sugata: Shinogi-zukuri, tori-zori, iori-mune.

Overall length: 33.98 inches (863.00 mm)

Nagasa: 26.30 inches (668.00 cm) long.

Nakago: Ubu, 7.68 inches (195.00 mm), two mekugi-ana.

Moto-haba: 1.14 inches (29.00 mm). Moto-gasane: 0.26 inches (6.60 mm).

Sori: 0.60 inches (15.20 mm)

Blade condition:

See pictures - scuffs and a bit of rust at hamachi. The latter can be taken off with some iron wool.


In koshirae; see pictures.


Serial number 106516. Mounted for martial arts practice.It would make a good sword for someone starting iai.