Ryujin Swords

Katana by Hattori Masahiro

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Period: Showa.

Mei: Hattori Masahiro.

Sugata: Shinogi-zukuri, tori-zori, iori-mune.

Overall length: 32.68 inches (830.00 mm)

Nagasa: 24.84 inches (631.00 cm) long.

Nakago: Ubu, 7.83 inches (199.00 mm), three mekugi-ana. The yasurime are takanoha and the nakago-jiri is ha agari kurijiri.

Kissaki: Chu-kissaki, 1.17 inches (29.7 mm). The boshi is ko-maru.

Moto-haba: 1.23 inches (31.20 mm). Moto-gasane: 0.25 inches (6.40 mm). Saki-haba: 0.78 inches (19.80 mm). Saki-gasane: 0.17 inches (4.30 mm).

Sori: 0.50 inches (12.80 mm)

Hamon: Uneven gunome midare with ashi.

Hada: Polish not good enough to see hada.

Blade condition:

Still in WW2 polish, with scuffs and scrapes. No flaws, ware, hagirae or bends.


In martial arts koshirae; see pictures.


Hattori Masahiro (MAS-192) was a Seki tosho. Slough mentions him as making medium grade gendaito, and low to medium grade showato. He seems to have done some work at the forge at Takayama prison.

This is quite probably a gendaito. There are definitely no Sho or Seki stamps, and it's only because the polish precludes me from observing a hada that I don't describe it as a gendaito

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