Ryujin Swords

Wakizashi in shirasaya signed Musashi [no] kuni ju Hiroshige, NBTHK Tokubetsu Kicho

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Period: Edo.

Mei: Musashi [no] kuni ju Hiroshige.

Sugata: Kanmuri-otoshi zukuri.

Overall length: 19.88 inches (504.95 mm).

Nagasa: 15.0 inches (381.00 mm).

Nakago: 4.88 inches (123.95 mm). Ubu. The yasurime are kiri.

Kissaki: N/A.

Moto-haba: 1.21 inches (30.70 mm). Moto-gasane: 0.26 inches (6.70 mm).

Sori: 0.3 inches (7.62 mm).

Hamon: Notare with ashi, some sunagashi and kaeri-fukai boshi.

Hada: Itame.

Blade condition: In fine polish, minor surface scratches, but nothing really worth remarking. Guaranteed against fatal flaws. There are several very small kitae ware (grain openings), but they're miniscule even with macro photography or under a magnifying lens. Otherwise it is a superb and almost flawless piece.


In shirasaya with a 'falling rain' silver habaki.


A superb sword, in excellent condition

NBTHK Tokubetsu Kicho paper dated 1979. The Shitahara school is famous for its good cutting power, and were therefore employed by the Shogunate in Edo period. There are several generations of smiths using the mei "Hiroshige".