Ryujin Swords

Gendaito by 27th generation Kanemoto

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Period: Showa.

Mei: Kanemoto

Sugata: Shinogi-zukuri, tori-zori, iori-mune.

Overall length: 34.76 inches (883.00 mm)

Nagasa: 27.28 inches inches (693.00 mm) long.

Nakago: Ubu, 7.48 inches (190.00 mm), iriyama-gata kiri-jiri, one mekugi-ana. The yasurime are takanoha.

Kissaki: Chu-kissaki, 1.38 inches (35.17 mm). The boshi is chu-maru.

Moto-haba: 1 .18 inches (30.00 mm). Moto-gasane: 0.29 inches (7.26 mm). Saki-haba: 0.90 inches (23.00 mm). Saki-gasane: 0.19 inches (4.91 mm).

Sori: 0.78 inches inches (20.00 mm).

Hamon: Nie-deki sanbonsugi. The hamon is typical of the later smiths of the Kanemoto Magoroku school.

Hada: Ko-itame verging on muji.

Blade condition:

Good polish with minor surface scratches. No flaws, chips, hagirae or bends.


In shirasaya.


The 27th generation Kanemoto (Hawley KAN 1560/MAG 9; Slough p.44) was born Kaneko Tatsuichiro in Taisho 13 (1925), and was a descendant of the Kanemoto Magoroku school. In 1937 he joined the Nihonto Tanren-sho, where he studied swordsmithing under Watanabe Kanenaga. During WW2 he made swords for the Imperial Japanese Navy and signed Kaneko, Magoroku or Kanemoto. In 1944 he succeeded to the title of the 27th generation of Kanemoto Magoroku, after which he signed "27th generation Kanemoto". He was awarded 20 prizes by Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai (NBTHK) and was officially commended with an award by the mayor of Seki in 1980. He was entitled an Important Intangible Cultural Asset by the Governor of Gifu prefecture in 1997. He died in 24 January 2008.

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