Ryujin swords

Mailing List & Contact Details

I periodically add new items to my website. If the sword is in good condition, it will take a few days to work up the listing and the photos, then put it on the site. If, on the other hand, the sword needs a bit of work, it will take longer.

If you would like to notify you about new pieces before they are put up on the website, drop me a line and I will add you to my updates list. This list is only for notifying people of new items - it is not for discussion. If you are on the list you will have preferential access to new pieces.

If you would like to be added to, or removed from, the list, then email me. Alternatively, if Java is turned off and you can't get the link to work, email me at kevin[AT]ryujinswords.com. If you have any questions about anything, please email me at the same email address; I shall be glad to help.

If you need to write to me, the address is 15 Riversdale, Ambergate, Derbyshire DE56 2EU, UK.

You can also contact me by phone on 01773 852958. If you are calling me from outside the UK, dial 441773 852958. If you do phone, please call before 5 pm our time. If you are phoning from outside the UK, please be aware of the time difference; for example, 5 pm EDT is 9 pm here. This website will give you the current UK local time