Ryujin Swords

Mumei Koto Katana

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Period: Koto.

Mei: Mumei.

Sugata: Shinogi-zukuri, deeply curved tori-zori, iori-mune. The curvature looks like koshi-zori when you have it in the hand, but measurements indicate that it is, in fact, tori-zori.

Overall length: 33.46 inches (850.00 mm)

Nagasa: 26.38 inches (670.00 mm) long.

Nakago: Ubu, 7.09 inches (180.00 mm), one mekugi-ana, funagata resolving to a very small kuri-jiri. The yasurime are katte-sagari with kesho.

Kissaki: Chu-kissaki, 0.96 inches (24.50 mm). The boshi is o-maru.

Moto-haba: 1.14 inches (29.00 mm). Moto-gasane: 0.28 inches (7.00 mm). Saki-haba: 0.47 inches (12.00 mm). Saki-gasane: 0.18 inches (4.50 mm).

Sori: 1.02 inches (26.00 mm)

Hamon: Suguha, with sunagashi towards the boshi.

Hada: Masame with utsuri and tobiyake.

Blade condition:

In reasonable polish with very minor surface scratches.


In shirasaya (see pictures). The habaki appears to be silver.


Koto, possibly Yamato-den.

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