Ryujin Swords

Showato by Takasaki Kaneshige

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Period: Showa.

Mei: Seki ju Takasaki Kaneshige saku

Sugata: Shinogi-zukuri, tori-zori, iori-mune, bo-hi.

Overall length: 35.63 inches (905 mm)

Nagasa: 27.44 inches (697.00 cm) long.

Nakago: Ubu, 8.19 inches (208.00 mm), two mekugi-ana. The yasurime are sujikai, and the nakago-jiri is ha agari kurijiri.

Kissaki: Chu-kissaki, 1.87 inches (47.40 mm). The boshi is ko-maru.

Moto-haba: 1.13 inches (28.70 mm). Moto-gasane: 0.28 inches (7.00 mm). Saki-haba: 0.78 inches (19.70 mm). Saki-gasane: 0.22 inches (5.70 mm).

Sori: 0.64 inches (16.20 mm)

Hamon: Gunome midare for just over the first third of its length, the remainder being suguha.

Hada: None.

Blade condition:

Fairly good polish. No flaws, ware, hagirae or bends.


In adequate koshirae for martial arts, with two mekugi. Everything is tight, and there is no movement. See pictures.


The blade may not be traditionally made, but it was made by a good smith. Takasaki Kaneshige (KAN 539) was a Seki tosho and Rikugun Jumei Tosho who was licenced on 20th October, Showa 14(1939). He continued making swords until his death in 1989.

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