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The funeral of the Emperor Taisho - photo album.

The Emperor Taisho was the father of the Emperor Showa (known in the west as Hirohito) and the grandfather of the current emperor. He started his reign in 1912 and died of a heart attack at 1:25 AM on December 25, 1926, at the imperial palace at Hayama, in Kanagawa Prefecture.

A very expensive publication during its day. The outer case containing the book shows some minor wear, but is otherwise in good condition. The thin paper that wraps the book is damaged, but could easily be replaced. The book itself is in excellent condition for its age, and is very nearly mint. The text is of course in Japanese. It is highly unlikely that there are many copies of this book outside Japan. Click on the image to see more. £60.00 including postage, packing and insurance

Japanese Grand Military Review of 1909. Photo book with Japanese and English captions.

1909 marked the start of the rise of Japanese aviation. It was also the year that Teddy Roosevelt warned of the future threat that Japan represented. This photo book is a record of the annual review and exercise of Japan's military forces, to which foreign observers were invited. Circulation outside Japan would have been limited to the visiting foreign observers. Inside Japan, it was probably limited to a military audience. In near mint condition, this is an interesting and rare publication to find outside Japan, and it is probably very uncommon in Japan. SOLD. Also see here for some personal photos of the Grand Review.