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Yamato Tegai school tanto in shirasaya

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Period: Late Kamakura to Muromachi era (14th century-1573). Probably 15th century.

Mei: Mumei.

Sugata: Shobu-zukuri with horimono. The horimono was of Buddhist symbolism.

Overall length: 15.87 inches (403.00 mm).

Nagasa: 11.93 inches (303.00 mm).

Nakago: 3.94 inches (100.00 mm).

Kissaki: Hakikake te komaru boshi

Motohaba: 0.92 inches (23.30 mm); Motokasane: 0.21 inches (5.40 mm)

Sori: 0.24 inches (6.00 mm).

Hamon: Suguha, ko-nie-deki.

Hada: Masame and itame.

Blade condition: In good condition and good polish, with no fatal flaws.


In shirasaya with silver 'raindrop' habaki.


The Yamato Tegai School was one of the major sword producers of the Kamakura Era. The school received its name because they worked in front of the Tegai gate of the Todai-ji Temple in Nara. Eventually the power of the temples weakened due to the repeated conflicts of the Muromachi Era, and the smiths eventually lost their patronage. As a result the school fell into decline. In approximately 1555 two Tegai smiths, Shinya Masanaga and Fujiwara Masanaga, moved their center of sword production to the Kanabo area of Nara to found the Kanabo school.

It would be worth sending this tanto to shinsa.