Ryujin Swords


The following yari are available. Click on an image for more detail:

Mumei Sankaku Yari, Shinto Period in shirasaya

Blade length: 7.40 inches (188.00 mm) long. Widest point of blade 0.76 inches (17.80 mm). Period: Shinto. Out of polish. Some surface muck and spider rust.

The following yari have been sold:

Jumonji Yari by Kunishige in antique koshirae NTHK

Blade length: (main blade): 5.87 inches (149 mm). Length across side arms: 3.54 inches (90.00 mm). Period: Meiwa (1764-1772). Both pole and antique pole are in excellent condition. One tiny, hairline, ware on one of the side blades. No fatal flaws, cracks or chips.